Ciclo de Seminarios de Economía – Weak Neutrality of Corporate Tax Systems

En el marco de su Ciclo de Seminarios de Economía 2017, el Departamento de Economía de la Facultad de Economía y Empresa de la Universidad Diego Portales ha invitado al economista Ramón E. López (académico del Departamento de Economía, U. de Chile), quien presentará el estudio del cual es co-autor con Pablo Gutiérrez y Eugenio Figueroa ‘Weak neutrality of corporate tax systems’.

Cuándo: Miércoles 10 de mayo 2017, 13-14 hrs.
Dónde:  Sala C-302, Edificio Cubo, Campus Ciudad Empresarial (Avda. Santa Clara 797, Huechuraba).

La asistencia al seminario es abierta a todo público, previa inscripción. Para más detalles, por favor contactar a Sandra Mella: E. – T. 22130177.

Resumen- Abstract 

The present paper introduces the concept of weak tax neutrality. That is, we consider the property of a corporate tax system that allows for neutrality for one or more particular positive tax rates but not for all positive rates as in the case of the strongly neutral systems. Methods that permit strong neutrality, which allow any positive tax to be neutral, are well known. However, tax systems in most countries do not satisfy the conditions required for by the methods of strong neutrality. Here we show that under certain plausible conditions of the tax system, often observed in many countries, it is possible to determine a positive tax rate which does not affect investment incentives or economic efficiency. That is, these countries satisfy the conditions for weak neutrality. This implies that corporate taxes do not need to be applied in the context of strong neutrality to be non-distortive. We present an example of a positive tax rate that is neutral for the case of Chile. We show that given the parameters of the tax system in Chile, a neutral non-distortionary corporate tax rate is within the 45% to 50% range.